My name is Lyssa and, even though I don’t find myself having a lot of time for it lately, I love reading. I also enjoy writing about the books I read, both as a means of reflecting and as a way of keeping track of them.

Thus, I’m starting this blog to allow me to do that!

I live in Japan but I still read books in English; it’s not as challenging as it might have been once nor as difficult as it would be if I lived in a rural area of the country, but nor is it entirely easy to find what I want. I’m planning to include information on where and how I got the books as well, just in case this is of interest to anyone reading.

While I would love to update once a week, I’m not really expecting to manage that just yet. My initial aim will be a review a fortnight.

Thanks for reading this post! I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes!


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